QUESTER 6 - Report on visit to Hinton Ampner at Christmas December 2019

On an extremely wet day Questers 6 group met at Hinton Ampner to see their Christmas decorations. For this, our third year’s visit, the decorations were as usual amazing.

The theme for the decorations was Aesops Fables. We were introduced to the stories with a Christmas tree decorated with symbols of all the stories. Then in the corner by the fire was the cat sitting in a chair while the mouse got it’s paws singed by the coals.The next room depicted the story of the fox and the grapes and the alcove was hung with grape vines and bunches of grapes. This led us to the story of the peacock and the stork. A magnificent peacock was surrounded by vine leaves, and there was the stork with tiny birds and toadstools hidden among the leaves. This is one of the great successes of their decorations, you have to keep looking and you find all sorts of tiny details.

At one start of the next room the tortoise and the hare were beginning their race. On a table in the middle of the room was the hare made of seed heads, lying back having a rest. And at the other end of the room was the tortoise, made of chestnuts, winning the race.And then to the story of the town mouse and the country mouse with a magnificent meal laid out. Finally the story of the coalman and the fuller with a figure of the coalman in a bucket of coal. A great visit for us all.

Libby Neale