QUESTER 10 - Report on visit to Chichester Harbour December 2019

chichesterElectric Bird Watching

Mud, mud, glorious mud, nothing quite like it for watching the birds.

Indeed, of mud there was plenty and of birds there were plenty when Quester 10 visited Chichester Harbour on a cold afternoon in December. We floated silently past a number of visiting birds feeding on the rich mud flats that were exposed as tide slowly went out. We were on board a solar powered, though the day we went it was mostly mains powered, catamaran designed to offer the best possible views with no environmental impact on the water or wildlife.

Certainly, the various two legged feathered residents of the harbour took scant notice of us as we scampered from one side of the vessel to the other to make sure we didn’t miss the Great Northern Diver or the Peregrine Falcon before they either dived out of sight or flew off.

Apart from the cold that penetrated even the best wrapped participant, a great outing was had by all.

Vernon Tottle