About Winchester University of The Third Age

We currently have about 1300 members and aim to provide a friendly environment in which members can work together to share learning and leisure activities and add value to their quality of life.

U3A membership is not related to a specific age in years but to that period in life after full-time employment and parental responsibility (the third age), when people are free to come together to develop interests for which they may not previously have had the time. There is no lower age for membership, and anybody in their third age can join U3A, including people who are working part time.

To find out more about the national and international U3A movement, this link u3a will introduce the u3a movement.

Our Activities

Our activities are centred on over eighty activity groups, ranging from Architecture and Cookery to and Walking. Do have a look at the activity groups list (click Groups) to see the full range. If you don't see what you are interested in, we can try to help form such a group

We have a meeting every month, usually with a speaker, which is open to all. Details of forthcoming meetings can be viewed (by members only) in the Members Area. If you are interested in joining us and would like to attend one of our monthly meetings, just email our Membership Secretary.

Our Outings

In addition to the quest for knowledge we exist as a social network and arrange regular outings and other social events. Individual groups arrange visits and travel in connection with their activities, and there are walking and day trip opportunities for the entire membership. Members will find more details in the Members Area.

Keeping in Touch

Every 3 months each member receives, either by mail or via email and is always available through the website, a copy of the Winchester U3A Newsletter, which contains a variety of articles of general interest, reports on past activities and news of forthcoming events.

Those who want it may also receive the national U3A magazine, Third Age Matters, published 5 times a year by the Third Age Trust, which is a wide ranging magazine covering all aspects of the University of the Third Age and its activities.

In addition we hope that you will keep in touch through this website.

Need more information...

Take a look at the pages on this website, and if you would like further information please do get in touch. Just press the Join Us button.