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AGM Papers

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The latest version of the Committee Nomination Form is available for nominations at the next AGM. All nominations must be sent to the Secretary by.

A Consitution for Winchester U3A was accepted by the Committee at 4th March 2015 meeting and has been made available to members

Latest versions of Committee Members Job Descriptions are now available to members

Finances of our special interest groups are the subject of a request by your Committee to Group Leaders.

U3A has a copyright Licence that enables us to copy extracts from books, periodicals and journals published in the UK and some other countries. For further information contact chair.

A Q&A document on insurance of Group activities is available

Advice is available on is the Data Protection Act

An overview on insurance policies provided by The Third Age Trust (TAT) is here.

Advice on Social Events & Travel from TAT is here.

It seems that some members may not be clear about the benefits that affiliation to the Third Age Trust brings us. A list of benefits is here.