Potential New Groups

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Following the Group Secretary’s appeal in the Newsletter, Mike Holt and Roger Bailey have agreed to lead a new group for Android & Windows users.

As well as teaching useful features of these systems, it is hoped to help deal with users problems and provide advice and solutions as well as a forum for general discussion of the subject.

Anyone interested should initially contact the leaders by email Roger Bailey and Mike Holt giving an indication of any topics they would like to be covered by the group.



I would like to start a UKULELE group to meet weekly/fortnightly as part of the U3A.

If you are interested, please contact me. I used to manage a very successful social Uke group as part of Tadley U3A. The essence of the group would be FUN!

Email: Taff Powell



Do you play Canasta? Could you teach us ?

A small group of us would like to have an introductory lesson in playing Canasta, in Winchester on a Friday evening in February or March.

Is there anyone in te Winchester u3a who could help please?

Nikki (please contact John Craig 2, the Groups Secretary)



Another Mahjong group is opening at South Wonston Village Hall at 2/4 pm on THURSDAYS .

There is ample parking.

A charge of £2 will be made to cover the cost of the Hall (Tea/Coffee)

If you are interested, please contact by email Wendy Austic

or by phone using the Telephone Directory



When I joined the Cooking Group about 18 months ago, I did not know what I was letting myself in for!  However, I have not regretted joining for one moment. How better to get to know people than by working together in the kitchen and then jointly devouring a delicious meal. Many of the recipes chosen have been so good that members have used them again at home. As Chris says, it would be good to form another group, and don’t worry if your kitchen is small. Mine is and it just makes the logistics more interesting. And it does not matter what your experience is.

John Craig

If you would like more information about the Cooking Group, please contact by email Chris Scott or by phone using the Telephone Directory

Or if you would like to be put in contact with others who would be interested in forming a Group, please contact me by email John Craig or by phone using the Telephone Directory

And members of our Group have said that, in order to get a Group started, they would be happy to act as a mentor for a few meetings!