Welcome to the 35th anniversary year for our Winchester u3a. I feel very privileged to be your appointed Chairman for this special year. There have been changes in the organisation since the beginning in 1989 and following that tradition we may well be updating things ready for the future.

One suggestion raised at the Annual Meeting was ‘to change the monthly talk time during the winter months to a 2pm start – half an hour earlier – to avoid driving home in the dark’. This is up for discussion at our May Committee meeting and we will keep you aware of our thoughts. Nothing has been decided yet and your opinion matters. There will be a survey sheet on the registration desk at the April and May Meetings.

You are probably aware that the logo changed from U3A to u3a a while ago and whilst we try to keep up to date there are still areas where the old logo has not been changed. A call and challenge to those eagle-eyed members to spot the slips please. Newsletter content / documents or web site – they could be anywhere. Let me know.

Meanwhile – the committee and groups are working hard in their different roles to offer members good meetings with interesting speakers plus a big dose of friendship and social interaction at the Littleton monthly talks and within interest groups.  

Good communication with you all is one of our avenues of investigation and although we appreciate that some members wish to remain with the status quo it would be helpful if we could make contact via email and technology. Have we ever explored the idea of a friend / ‘email buddy’ who receives emails passing on any relevant news? Every member should have the opportunity to attend any meeting they choose. Winchester u3a must always be inclusive to all.

This is going to be a busy year to enable us to move forward ready for our next 35 years

Joan (Sherrin)     Chairman 



We have some great news for you all.

Thanks to the endeavours of our webmaster Barrie Brinkman you are now viewing our new WordPress Website. Barrie intends to stand down at the next Annual Meeting in March 2024 so I must repeat our thanks to him for all his hard work achieving this changeover.

The WordPress system is more user friendly than the old HTML system and we will be incorporating  ‘add ons’ from SiteWorks which is being developed by u3a National to simplify things even further.

Whilst we have some interest from members we feel that it could be advantageous to have a team to share and maybe work on a rota system to be involved with the maintenance of the new system. We don’t know until we try.   

Please make contact with either Barrie or me Joan Sherrin if you need more information.  

Ideally we need members who already have experience with WordPress or are happy to learn as there is extensive training material on line and National u3a is producing guidance for siteworks.

Barrie has updated it so it is up to us all now to carry it forward into this new phase of the life of Winchester u3a.


Winchester u3a Chairman



We intend celebrating our Winchester u3a 35th anniversary at the usual monthly meeting on Tuesday 13th August. Although we are still working on the finer details we know it should be a special meeting for us all.

However Littleton Hall has a limit on numbers of people on site therefore you need to reserve your place.

If you would like to be at the Celebration, please email me with your name or if this is not possible leave a message on my phone as soon as possible.

Joan Sherrin or Telephone Directory

We need final numbers by the beginning of July please.

First come first served !

I will confirm to you when I have received your reservation.

Joan                 Chairman



Can't get to Littleton for our monthly meetings?

Please contact Freda Bates well before the meeting date with your name and address, preferably by email Freda Bates or if that isn't possible by phone using the Telephone Directory.

Freda will then try to arrange a lift for you with a member who lives nearby if that is at all possible.



There are a number of Groups looking for new members. Groups who would welcome new members vary from Allotments, Cycling, Languages, History, Novels to Wine Appreciation - so there should be something to interest you. The Group Listing includes all the Groups looking for members. New Groups are always welcome. If you are Interested in or thinking of starting a group, please contact me: Group Secretary


Over the years individual Groups have been allocated the role of providing teas at the General Meetings. Now that we are again holding these meetings regularly and providing tea afterwards, it has been necessary for someone to co-ordinate this. I am pleased to announce that Angela Housden has kindly volunteered to do this.

With over 70 Groups the lot should fall on any one group very infrequently. The teas are important part of our socialising, enabling people from different Groups to meet and I hope that all will co-operate with Angela. The task (making tea, etc) is not onerous, with easily used equipment - including an excellent dishwasher - available. It could be regarded as a team-building experience for your group, and for those who do not normally come to our general meetings it will be an opportunity to hear one of our excellent speakers and to meet members from other groups.

John Craig, Group Secretary



Five Committee members attended the Health and Well-being event at Winchester Sport and Leisure Park, Bar End Road on the 15th March to talk to people about Winchester u3a and the many groups and activities that are on offer.

Although the event was not widely advertised, we made some very useful contacts and are hoping to attend other similar events this year. If you hear of any local fairs this summer in your area that you think might want to promote Winchester u3a, please contact one of the Committee members.         Thank-you.