Winchester University of the Third Age and Privacy

A new Privacy Regulation has been introduced by the EU that will be operational from May 2018. The aim of the legislation is to protect the public from misuse of their data.

This must be followed by all companies and organisations in the EU. Although the UK is leaving the EU the UK Government has already stated that it will follow this European legislation. The legislation requires every Organisation to very explicitly ensure its membership understands the data it has collected about them and ensures the data is uptodate.

The organisation must ensure it protects the members data and ensures the data is held securely to stop theft and misuse.

The Legislation has several different approaches to meeting the requirements. An organisation like ours is best met by using a consent approach with our members. To meet the consent Winchester U3A has modified its application form for future members. For existing members a renewal of membership will be sent to all members for their consent to use their data. Where we have existing email addresses we will seek consent via an electronic form. For members with no email address provided to us we will have to send the renewal form

A number of documents are available to our members to allow them to understand how Winchester U3A Committee collect and use/protect mtheir data:-

Winchester U3A Data Usage. A print version is available.

Winchester U3A Privacy Policy. A print version is available.

Winchester U3A Data Protection Policy. A print version is available.